A tale of two grandfathers.

Me and Papa A, celebrating our birthdays at Epcot 2 years ago.

I would be remiss if I let today go by without mentioning my grandfathers.  They both share May 19th as their birthday.

My maternal grandfather (Papa A) lives about 90 minutes away from me.  We actually just spent last weekend at my grandparents’ house and we got to share a little birthday celebration.  Our birthdays are often lumped together in our family, since mine is the 22nd and his is the 19th.  This is always fine with me, because I am convinced that I have the most fun grandparents on the face of the earth!

Papa A is technically not biologically related to me at all.  He is actually my step-grandfather, as my biological maternal grandfather died in a tragic workplace accident when my mother was only 2 years old.  Shortly after his death, my grandmother remarried and he raised my mom and her 2 older sisters as his own daughters.  Despite this fact, he has never treated us as anything other than his own flesh and blood, and of course is the only father my mother has ever truly known.   He is one of the sweetest men in my life, and even though my grandmother (Mimi) gives him a hard time a lot, I know she knows deep down inside how lucky she is to have him.  Although he is equally as lucky to have her!  More on Mimi later, I’m sure…She is quite the character!

My brother with Papa C, circa 1988.

My paternal grandfather (Papa C) passed away over 4 years ago and we miss him so much.  He lived up in a suburb of Boston (where I am originally from) for his entire life, so I did not see him quite as much as I have seen my other grandparents.  He would be 92 today if he were still alive.

Everyone who knew him said he was one of the kindest people you would ever meet, and that is the truth.  Always smiling, always in a good mood, always willing to help wherever he could.

He was 100% Irish and he gave me my blue eyes (everyone else in my family has hazel eyes, including both parents). I used to wish I had green or grey eyes, but after he passed away it dawned on me that they were his genetic gift to me and I have thought differently of my eye color ever since.


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