I love my friends.

So today is my birthday.  My thirtieth birthday.  I had a big weekend for a big milestone birthday and it was amazing!

Friday night was a big party downtown with about 30 people.  It was bittersweet because it was also the going away party for my best friend who is moving away in a few days.  We had some sad moments throughout the night, but it’s so comforting to be surrounded by this much love:

Saturday several of our friends went to Disney Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends, followed by an afternoon and evening at Magic Kingdom.  It was about a zillion degrees outside, but we did our best to not let that bother us.  Soooo much fun!

Princess Leia Minnie and Darth Goofy

Jango Fett & Storm Troopers

Thunder Mountain Railroad!

Today we went to my parents’ house for pool time, dinner, cake, and gifts.  My mom had a cake custom made with purple roses (my favorite color) and my name on it.  As a gift, they bought me a plane ticket to visit some very much missed relatives out of town this summer.

I truly could not have asked for a better, more epic 30th birthday weekend.  I am SO SO SO lucky to have so many amazing family and friends who love me.  Life is good!

And now, to get myself a good night of sleep.  I wish the weekend didn’t have to end, but I am exhausted!


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  1. It was an awesome weekend, and I was glad to be a part of it. Thank you so much for having me along. …And for turning thirty. 😉 ❤ you!

    Another biggie was getting C to ride Thunder Mountain. Way to go on that!

    I looked up that book you recommend–sounds good! I also found a few others. Now we await payday!

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