Orlandonians: Have you done your civic duty yet?

Every year, Orlando’s alternative newspaper Orlando Weekly conducts a poll of all of the best that Orlando has to offer.  And every year I make a point to fill it out as best I can, using as many local companies and non-chains as I can.  Locally, it is a great honor for a company to win one of these categories, and many local businesses proudly display their Best of Orlando accolades on their walls and storefronts each year.

I think this is especially exciting and pertinent now, as Orlando is growing into a fairly happening place to live.  All kinds of trendy cafes and bars and music venues and such have been popping up all over the place and this is a fantastic way to get the word out about the best of the best.  It benefits the locals just as much as the businesses!

So Orlandonians, do your civic duty and fill out the Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando 2011 poll!  I eagerly await the results and hope to add some new and interesting places to my list of new stuff to try in our fabulous city!

Best Of Orlando 2011


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