Of birthdays and brothers-in-law…

Well, it has been quite a week here at the Sunshine household.  Not too many actual events going on, but a lot of preparation happening for the monumental weekend ahead.

One of my favorite pics of Tadd with his brother.

So, the day is finally upon us…My 20 year old brother-in-law Keith arrives from Tennessee tonight and will be staying with us indefinitely until he either 1. Finds a job and is able to live properly on his own here in Orlando or 2. Breaks one of the rules set up for him at the onset of this whole trial period and finds himself on a plane heading back to Tennessee to a life of who knows what.  We are hoping for the former, of course.  I just hope he realizes the opportunity he is being given to start a new life for himself here in Orlando and doesn’t squander it.  I wish the best for the kid, but there is only so much you can do for someone before it becomes enabling.  I really want him to be independent and successful.  I don’t think he realizes that the good stuff in life takes work.  Hard work.  I really hope Tadd and I can instill some time management, goal-setting, and other life skills in him during his time with us.  From what my mother-in-law reports to us, I think he finally gets that this really is the last chance he will be given.  If he screws this up, he will truly be out in the world completely on his own.  It would be hard, but as I stated above, there is only so much you can do for someone to help them in their own life.  At some point, he has to step up.  If we keep holding his hand through life forever and cleaning up his messes for him, it doesn’t end up helping in the long run.  We do not intend to enable him.  We just want to set him up for success and to give him a little push so he can start learning to take control of his own life.

Today is ALSO a big day because I am also celebrating the birthday of a very dear friend, and we will be going to Bananas Modern American Diner!  I have been wanting to try this place for awhile.  It looks like so much fun!  Totally unhealthy, but it’s one of my bestie’s birthdays, so calories don’t count, right?  Right?  I hope they make her do something really embarrassing because it’s her birthday.  Like dance on a table or something.  Because it seems like that kind of a place.  I guess we will find out…

Anyways, first thing is first..I have some errands to run, Tadd needs a haircut, and we need to finish getting the house in order for Keith’s arrival.


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