Weekend Update

My weekend definitely wasn’t long enough.

Friday night was nothing special.  Happy hour with a coworker where we had a much-needed vent-fest.  Then Tadd and I stayed in, cleaned the house a bit, ate Subway subs, and watched The Soup.

Saturday we got our day started bright and early, relaxed a bit, then ran some errands.  Tadd got a much needed haircut!  He always looks so handsome after getting it cut.  We got some super secret birthday supplies for the surprise party later on.

We also had brunch at Keke’s Breakfast Cafe, which I found to be good, but overpriced.  Tadd got the eggs benedict (because if a menu has eggs benedict, he orders eggs benedict…period), which he declared is the third best he has ever had.  In case you were curious, first place is Carnival Cruise Line’s eggs benedict (which he has enjoyed on 2 different ships), second is White Wolf Cafe, and now demoted to fourth place is First Watch.  I had a turkey, tomato, and cheese panini and french fries.  Mine was good, but unremarkable.  What WAS remarkable was the fact that the little kid sitting in the booth behind me bounced continually in his seat for our ENTIRE meal.  So annoying…

Fun with the birthday girl!

Saturday night I was a key player in a surprise party that went off without a hitch, mostly because the birthday girl actively suggested that we go to the very place where the party was already planned to be held, even though she had no idea other people were already congregating there to surprise her.  The plan was to take her to a girls only dinner with me and another friend, while everyone else gathered at a nearby bar.  I was supposed to casually suggest that we go to the bar for drinks after dinner to keep the evening going, but it turned out I didn’t have to.  Imagine her shock when she entered the bar and saw several more friends waiting to surprise her!  We laughed when her initial reaction was: “But this was MY idea! How did you know?”  Ha ha ha!  After that, it was a nice, relaxing, and fun evening for everyone.  I was just relieved that everything went so smoothly.

Brothers, reunited!

Also Saturday night is when my brother in law Keith arrived from Tennessee.  So far so good with that.  Sunday, he and Tadd were very productive…They worked on the car together, did some grocery shopping, and worked on the lawn a bit.  He has already applied to one job and should be applying to several more today while Tadd and I are at work.  Fingers crossed that he finds something very quickly so he can start his road to independence.  While the boys stayed busy, I mostly relaxed.  Played a little Sims 3, watched TV, cleaned the kitchen a bit, and made spaghetti for dinner.  Much to my surprise Keith actually complimented my cooking and thanked me for dinner!  He is definitely on his best behavior right now, which is very refreshing to see.  It truly does seem like he wants to do the right things now.  Of course, yesterday was only day 1.  Let’s see how this lasts when the newness and excitement have worn off.  But so far I am optimistic.


4 responses

  1. Weekend was waaaay too short. Thank you so much, again, for helping to plan her party. I swear you’re the Yoda of planning. I am but a Skywalker. It’s good to hear that Keith is starting out on a good foot; I hope it continues.

    Can’t wait until we start working on our Princess shirts! So exciting!

    • You are very welcome, young padawan learner. Stick with me and you will learn the ways of The Force.

      Princess shirts will be soon, hopefully. Tadd has to get the graphics PC up and running…Who knows how long that will take. Until then we can at least look for good transfer shirts on sale. I like some of the ones they have at Target.

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