My new interest is Pinterest.

Perhaps I should save this for Tuesday’s Tip, but eh…I want to share now.

I recently got an account at and holy geez is it addicting!  It is one of those link organizing sites, where you can easily “pin” things you find all over the internet, organize them, and share them.  The difference between Pinterest and other link sharing sites, is that Pinterest is focused much more in the visual aspect of the internet than the textual.  So it’s great for organizing and storing pictures and images from around the internet that inspire you.

You can collect images relating to recipes, weddings, travel ideas, home decorating ideas, crafts, fashion, products you want to try or ones you already know you love, etc, etc, etc.  Each image saved is clickable and will take you to the original source on the web where it came from.  And the site also automatically gives credit to the image’s source as well, so it makes transfering the image to your blog or Facebook or anywhere else you want to post it very easy without worrying about being accused of stealing someone else’s property.

The most addicting part is that you can scroll through the various images that others have already “pinned” onto their own personal pinboards and repin items onto your own pinboards.

If you want more information on what Pinterest is and how you can use it, click here.  And if you have an account already and want to follow me, click the button below.  Happy pinning!


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