Project Sunshine House: Powder Room Makeover

This past week I have become newly inspired to work on decorating my house.  I believe this is mostly thanks to my newfound obsession, Pinterest.  I have been looking at tons and tons of pics of rooms that are just beautiful.  It’s difficult to look at all those amazing pictures and not want to immediately take my entire house apart and put it back together with all of the trimmings and finishes that a magazine-worthy home should have.

Island wrapped in beadboard.

We want to wrap our kitchen island in beadboard just like this one.

There are a million things I want to do to the house.  Our house was built in 2005, and when we bought it about a year and a half ago, it was a completely blank slate.  Builder-grade finishes and all white walls.  We have done some things here and there; mostly just painting, molding, light fixtures, and draperies, but enough to put our own unique stamp on the house.  However, I have a laundry list of items I still want to do.  I want wide-plank dark laminate wood flooring throughout.  In the kitchen, I would really like quartz counters (and possibly butcher block on the island), I want to paint the cabinets, I want to wrap the back of the island in beadboard, and I want a white subway tile backsplash.  I would like to completely gut our master bath and start over.  Due to various circumstances, we unexpectedly ended up in a much bigger home than we originally intended on buying, so we also have entire rooms that are not yet furnished, so those are on the list too.

But realistically, now is just not the time financially or logistically for us to take on such large-scale tasks.  So to satiate my appetite for decorating, we have decided to take on a much smaller remodeling project; the powder room.

As I mentioned previously, our house was handed over to us as builder basic.  Any increment of decoration or style in our house at this point in time was implemented by us.  The same can obviously be said about our powder room.  It is an extremely tiny bathroom right off our foyer and across from the door to our garage.  When you stand at the door, there is a vanity with sink & mirror to your immediate left and a toilet to your immediate right.  That’s it.  So I figured it was a small enough project that we could make it completely over, feel satisfied that another room was done, and move on.

Bathroom inspiration pic.

Inspiration pic. LOVE this bathroom!

Plans for the powder room:

  • Paint the walls Violet Ash (it’s kind of a deep lavender color).
  • Paint the vanity cabinets black.
  • New oval mirror (not sure if I want white, black, or pewter/silver).
  • New light fixture over the mirror.  Looking for something classic and NOT modern in pewter/silver.
  • Remove full size towel bar (not really sure why this was installed in the first place for a half bath, you don’t need to hang a full size bath towel if there is nowhere to bathe).
  • New hardware (cabinet knobs, towel ring, switchplates, and toilet paper holder in a pewter/silver).
  • Hanging two white shelves and black and white photos on the walls.
  • New trashcan.
  • New set of hand towels (white w/ black accents).
  • Magazine rack (maybe).
  • A few select knicknacks for the shelves/vanity.

As you can see, we are going for a purple/white/black/silver look.  We have already removed the towel bar and mirror and put one coat of the paint on the walls and it looks fantastic.  Tomorrow will be coat number two and possibly starting on the painting the cabinetry on the vanity.  We have also already purchased the knobs, towel ring, and toilet paper holder.  Some of the accessories will be pulled from other rooms.  The light fixture and some of the other items will have to wait for another weekend, but the whole project is very doable and very satisfying.  I can’t wait to show you the finished product!


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