7 Day Blog Challenge! Day 1: IKEA Hackers

Well, we didn’t get as far as we had hoped on the powder room project, but the walls are pretty much done.  I had hoped to have the cabinets started, but not this weekend.  We might be able to finish next weekend, but I’m not totally sure because we have much more planned than we did this weekend.  So worst case, it will take us a couple of weeks, which is fine because I still have a few items I need to decide on.

Anyways, I randomly happened upon this post from a social media blog by a guy named Danny Brown.  Basically, he devised something called the 7 Day Blog Challenge.  The idea is to expand your own horizons while simultaneously expanding the horizons of others, both readers and other bloggers, by seeking out interesting new blogs, and sharing them with your various social networks, and in your own blog.  So I thought I would do my own little version of this over the next week…

Basically, each day over the next seven days, I am going to highlight a blog that I have found and enjoy.  At the end of the week, hopefully my readers will have several interesting new blogs to check out…and maybe some of the blogs that I highlight will have some new loyal followers.  I encourage all of my other bloggy friends to do the same (feel free to use the graphic above too).

First up, is a blog that Tadd actually brought to my attention.  IKEA Hackers!

IKEA HackersThis is a blog where they take common objects, furniture, decor items, etc purchased at IKEA and modify and customize them.  You can find some very clever project ideas here, both the simple, like this pendant lamp made out of a cheese grater

…and the more complex, like this kitchen island that sinks into the floor when not in use (how cool is that!?)…

I wouldn’t consider myself excessively handy, but I do like creative ways to decorate for less, so I find this blog fascinating.  I would love to try a few of the projects myself very soon.  For example, check out this decoupaged $20 LACK coffee table.  So pretty, no?

So if you have access to an IKEA store and like to creatively furnish your home inexpensively, give the IKEA Hackers blog a try!

There you have it…Day 1 of the challenge complete.  Hope some of you other bloggers join me in taking up the challenge!


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