Weekend Update

As much as I loved my crazy busy life over the past 6 months, I must say I am really kind of loving the slower pace of these past few weekends.  I honestly didn’t do anything fancy, but it was still great.

Friday night, we met some friends at Mellow Mushroom for trivia night.  This is one of our favorite things to do on a Friday night and it’s always a good time.  If you have never been to Mellow Mushroom, you need to go.  And if you live anywhere near East Orlando, you have to go to trivia night hosted by Mellow Mike on Friday nights.  Delicious food, great beer, and fun trivia where you have the potential to win delicious food and great beer.  We usually get the Magical Mystery Tour pizza, which is portobello & button mushrooms, jalapenos, spinach, and feta; but since we had Keith with us and he isn’t too keen on some of those ingredients, we decided to get the Red Skin Potato Pie.  It’s very thinly sliced red skinned potatoes, bacon (which we got on half because I don’t like bacon…weird, I know), carmelized onions, cheddar & mozzerella,  with a thin swirl of sour cream/ranch sauce.  SO much less healthy than the Magical Mystery Tour, but still very delicious.  For beer I had an OBP and a Great White Wheat.  We didn’t win trivia, but still had a great time.

Derby Dan

Derby Dan in our backyard.

Saturday we woke up with the plan to get started on the powder room.  Before we headed out to Lowes, we looked out the backyard and saw that our horse neighbor, Derby Dan, had stopped by for a visit.  Our property backs up to a cattle ranch, so we see all kinds of animals in our backyard.  Derby Dan is our favorite.  He loves people and will come right up to the fence if he sees you.  This was Keith’s first experience meeting Derby Dan and they took to each other right away.  Keith was petting and loving on him, which of course made me tease Keith and call him the horse whisperer.  But it also made me think that Keith might truly have a talent with animals.  He absolutely adores our cats.  And dare I say it, that as awkward as he can be around humans sometimes, he is NEVER awkward around animals.  It’s like he’s a different person.  I have suggested that he look into the steps to become a vet tech or something in the veterinary world, but I am starting to believe more than ever that he could really have a talent in dealing with animals.  We are going to a pet rescue event next Saturday night and I told Tadd we should see about getting him some volunteer hours.  If he isn’t working, the least he could do is volunteer.  It will be some good experience for his resume too.

Tadd painting the powder room.

Sneak preview of the wall color!

The rest of Saturday was spent running to Lowes and working on the powder room.  We got everything taped off and covered, then painted the first coat.  By that time, it was getting close to time for Tadd and Keith to leave for some plans they had made for that night, so we stopped and ate a quick dinner.  I ended up just hanging out by myself for a quiet evening at home.

Sunday morning Tadd and I made another quick trip to Lowes before he tackled the 2nd coat of paint.  We ended up having to patch some additional holes, so waiting for the spackle to dry kind of messed up our plans to get more done.

We also convinced Keith to try his hand at blogging and helped him set up his first blog.  I thought it would be a good idea to have him do something constructive during his spare time…maybe even something that he could point potential employers to, so he can at least show that he does something quasi-intelligent on his own.  We’ll see what happens with that.

We made soup & grilled cheese (with bacon for the boys…blech!) for dinner and then I spent more time relaxing, playing on my laptop, and working on my lovely blog.  Thus ends another thrilling weekend in my life…


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