Tuesday’s Tip: Bissell SpotBot

As I have mentioned previously, I have pets.  Two adorable kitties to be exact!  As adorable as they are, they make messes at times.  Logan forgets where the litter box is occasionally.  Stella eats too fast and barfs it up later (and ALWAYS on the carpet).  I also have a clumsy husband who sometimes spills things.  And of course, there are just your average random messes and accidents that happen occasionally to everyone.

In my experience, the best remedy for all the issues highlighted above is the Bissel SpotBot Deep Cleaner.  My parents bought it for us for Christmas last year and it has been a lifesaver for us.  I wish we had gotten one sooner.

You just fill it up with some cleaning solution & water, bring it to the stain, plug it in, and push a button.  A few minutes later, it will beep, and your carpet will be stain-free.  Magic!

There are two settings…one for surface stains and one for deep-set stains.  We find that the surface stain setting is better because it uses less cleaning solution and does just as good of a job.  It seems like the deep-set stain setting is just a longer cycle.  There is also a manual hose & attachment for scrubbing out the stains yourself, if you choose.  This is good for if the stain is slightly bigger than the spot cleaning area.  You can have the SpotBot clean the center of the stain, and then use the manual attachment to get the edges.

It’s a bit of an investment at slightly over $100, but well worth it, especially if you have pets, kids, or clumsy husbands!

By the way, just as a disclaimer, I am NOT being paid to offer these tips…These are just products and items that I have tried that I love and want to share.  🙂


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