7 Day Blog Challenge! Day 4: About Foursquare

Ok, so I admit that I am cheating a little bit today.  I had a very rough day at work, then had to pick Keith up from today’s job hunt location, then came home, made dinner (and brownies), and then my current favorite show was on (So You Think You Can Dance…Anyone else watching?), and now we are watching the Stanley Cup Finals and rooting for the Bruins!  I am very very tired and have very little time to be researching new blogs today.

But, I will feature a blog that I already follow and enjoy.  About Foursquare!

Yes, I am a bit of a Foursquare junkie.  I have been a member for about a year and a half now.  I am proud owner of 35 badges and love getting more.  Might be lame to some, but there is something about collecting them that is so satisfying.  It’s like unlocking a special achievement in a video game.  I am also big on coupons and love the special deals I can get on Foursquare.  My favorite deal right now is that everytime you check into a Smokey Bones restaurant, you get a free order of their kettle chip appetizer.  Yum!  And you can’t beat free.  So it appeals to me on multiple levels.

Just as an aside, I think Foursquare gets a bit of a bad rap from people who really don’t know what it is.  Some think it is dangerous because they think you are constantly broadcasting your location to strangers.  The location info is only available to those who YOU choose to show via your friends list.  I am always aware of everyone I friend on Foursquare, and do not accept friend requests from those I do not know in real life.  Of course you should exercise reasonable caution no matter where you are, but in about 18 months of use, I have never felt unsafe using this app.

I think I owe the fact that I have so many badges to About Foursquare.  This blog is always up on whatever is new in the world of Foursquare, including letting you know when new badges pop up along with hints on how to obtain them.  About Foursquare is NOT officially affiliated with Foursquare, but it’s the next best thing.  Whenever Foursquare develops a new partnership or a new type of deal is released, this is the first place I go to get the details.

So if you do like Foursquare, give About Foursquare a try to enhance your experience.

Sorry this was a half-hearted attempt at my challenge, but it really was all I could do after this crazy day.  Hopefully tomorrow is a bit more peaceful and I can spend more time relaxing and surfing all the excellent blogs out there!

Oh, and GO BRUINS!!!


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