7 Day Blog Challenge! Day 5: One Pretty Thing

I was lucky enough to actually have the time today to stumble upon a really neat blog during my lunch break at work.  This is a very different blog, because it’s really a constant collaboration of other blogs and websites all across the internet.  I feel like it’s a perfect fit for the spirit of this challenge, because just looking at all the neat stuff posted on this blog could single-handedly introduce you to many, many other new blogs and sites!

The blog I am spotlighting today is called One Pretty Thing, and it is run by Rachel.

It is a daily collection of various crafts, recipes, and other fun, creative ideas from various websites and blogs.  Each weekday, there are several posts with various (themed and non-themed) collections.  On the weekends, readers’ DIY projects are featured.  Scrolling through the past couple of days, you can find food posts, jewelry making posts, 4th of July posts, etc.  Each post contains photos and links to at least a dozen different project ideas.  It’s a great place to go for inspiration!  Also found some great potential fodder for my Pinterest pinboards!


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