7 Day Blog Challenge! Day 6: Dear Photograph

Woo hoo!  Almost all the way through my 7 Day Blog Challenge!  Today’s blog is a fun little timewaster.

Dear Photograph is a newish blog on Tumblr.  Premise is fairly self-explanatory if you just click the link and check it out.  Take an old picture, hold it up so that it matches the exact context of the same location in present day, and take a picture.  The result is super cool.  Check these out!

Fun stuff, huh?  Tadd and I keep trying to think of pictures we can do this with.  I will be at my parents’ house on Sunday for Father’s Day, where I lived from age 9 until I was an adult…Might try my hand at making a few submissions of my own.

Anyways, SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad it’s finally the weekend!  This has been the work week from hell and I almost thought it would never end.  We are taking it easy tonight, so if I don’t fall asleep early (which might be likely…*yawn*), I might make a post to show you some of my favorite rooms and spots in our house.  Stay tuned!


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