Friday Question

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Ok, today’s Friday Question kind of stinks.  At least for me.  Because I really don’t have much of an opinion…but here goes.

What is your favorite email client/webmail and what do you like about it?

I think I have probably used them all, but I think my favorite would have to be Outlook.  We use Outlook at work, and out of all the clients I have used, I think I have gotten used to using the most number of extra features on Outlook.  I do know I can’t stand Hotmail.  I am indifferent towards Yahoo, and just started using Gmail as my base email address for this blog, so not really familiar enough yet to comment.

I guess I just don’t use email enough anymore to really care.  At work, we have a ticket application which is what I use for the vast majority of my day-to-day communication, aside from instant messaging (we use Trillian for that).  My friends and I use mostly Facebook or texting to stay in contact.  I feel like I really only use email as a last resort, when I can’t use other forms of communication.  Or as a place to store receipts from online purchases…

I think as long as it doesn’t cost me anything and is there when I need it, I really don’t need much more than that in an email client.

Hope you all have a very happy Friday!


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