Weekend Update

Another weekend has passed us by.  This one didn’t go exactly like we had planned, but I think we still had a good time.

Friday night Tadd picked up Chinese food on his way home from work.  We enjoyed a quiet night at home catching up on TV and went to bed fairly early.   It was an exhausting and very stressful week for me at work, so I was grateful to have an evening to just relax.

By Saturday morning I had just about had it with Keith’s shaggy hair, so we decided to drop him off to get himself a haircut while we purchased the mirror for the powder room from Hobby Lobby next door.

Shaggy Keith before haircut.

Not-so-shaggy Keith, post-haircut. Much better!

Just ONE aisle of fall stuff at Hobby Lobby!

We ended up getting a lot of odds and ends at Hobby Lobby.  Aside from the $70 mirror that was 50% off (we paid $35!), I got a beautiful basket that works perfectly as a magazine rack for the powder room, originally $40 on clearance for $8, some 4th of July decor (which I will try to  show you in another post later tonight) for 30% off, and my very first piece of fall decor for this year.  I got this really pretty bunch of faux bright orange tall grass, with little yellow/orange thistle-looking doodads on the ends.  Sounds weird, but it’s really cool looking; very striking.  I need to find a pretty black vase to put them in.  I also want to find some little sparkly bats or ghosts I can wire in and amongst the grasses.  If it ends up as pretty as it looks in my head, it will be the perfect touch for my Halloween decor!

Yes, I was more than thrilled to see that Hobby Lobby already has their fall stuff out in full force.  They had two aisles and several display areas FULL of wonderful, glorious fall decor!  My favorites were the glass pumpkins and gourds…and all the owl stuff.  I have a little thing for owls, you see.  Can you tell I am already tired of the oppressive Florida summer???  I love fall…it’s my favorite time of year!  Anything to remember that these 95F days and horrific humidity and violent thunderstorms will not last forever (although sometimes it feels like they will).  I understand that you people who live in colder climates probably think I am insane, but if you lived in Florida and had to deal with 7 (plus!) months of this weather, you would understand.

Stuck in the coffee shop. Check out the storm RAGING outside the window behind us.

Case in point…Saturday night, we had a lovely evening planned.  It was a night I had been looking forward to for weeks!  One of our favorite animal rescue organizations (Pet Rescue By Judy, in case you were wondering), was participating in a food truck pod and pet adopt-a-thon in downtown Avalon Park.  It was at night, so the weather potentially wouldn’t be so ridiculously disgustingly hot, and would have been a great evening of hanging out with some adorable puppies and trying all kinds of different foods from Orlando’s uber-trendy food trucks.  The event was from 6-10pm, and we were meeting  several friends in front of coffee shop down the street from where the event was to take place around 7, because I thought it would still be too hot to enjoy ourselves if we got there right at 6.  Unfortunately, just as we all met up, a HUGE storm rolled in and we had to take refuge inside the coffee shop until the worst of the storm passed.  It was so bad that the patio chairs and tables that were out in front of the coffee shop were literally blowing down the street.  By the time it was even safe to attempt to exit the coffee shop, it was still raining and there were still strikes of lightning.  It was obvious that the event had been cut short and we were going to be forced to figure out a plan B.

Luckily it just so happens that one of our favorite sushi places was just a few doors down, and we were all hungry, so we gathered our umbrellas and ran down the street for dinner.  We followed that up with a few beers at an establishment called Fifty Brews, which is one of those bars with a zillion different types of beers.  The boys played (indoor) cornhole and pool, and everyone had a good time.  So all in all, we were successful in salvaging the evening.  But I admit that I am really bummed that the event was rained out.  It would have been a really fun night for a really great cause.  I am hoping they can reschedule for a night with better weather.

Sunday we took Keith out for breakfast and really tried to impress upon him that his time with us is starting to dwindle.  He has not yet been successful in his job hunt and we are concerned that he just isn’t getting the direness of his situation.  He says he gets it, but I don’t think he REALLY gets it.  I really feel like his best option at this point is to join the military.  At age 20 he has very little work experience and very little proof of any employable skills.  The military would open up a whole world of new opportunities that he would never have working a minimum wage job here in Orlando and trying to make it on his own from scratch.  He has 2 weeks left with us to find a job before he ends up on a plane back to Tennessee.  I just hope he uses this time wisely.  I also hope something happens to shake him out of his delusions.  He seems so content to float through life accepting help and relying completely on the kindness of others to get him through.  I know he WANTS to get a job, but I also think in the back of his mind, he believes that if he fails, someone will provide help for him or give him another chance, and he can prolong growing up even longer.  Anyways…We had a very frank discussion with him over breakfast.  Not sure it helped any, but we will see.

In the afternoon, into the evening, we went to my parents’ house to celebrate Father’s Day.  My grandparents and both siblings were there, and we spent time in/by the pool and ate a delicious meal.  Was a lovely time, as usual with my family.  I swear, I am a lucky girl to have the family I do.  We always have such a good time together.

Most of the family enjoying the pool.

Fathers Day 2

Tadd, Keith, and my brother Ryan...Brotherly love...

Fathers Day 3

Tadd mid-dive.

By the time we got home, it was after 7, and my weekend was over.  So sad…Back to the stress of work.  Blah.


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