Tuesday’s Tip: Chili’s Blackberry Iced Tea

On Friday for lunch, I decided to order Chili’s To Go and got a half turkey sandwich and small salad combo, which I ordered online while at work, and then picked up at the restaurant.  This was my first time doing this at lunch time during a work day and I must say it was pretty convenient.

Now, I am the type that generally tries not to drink my calories throughout the day.  I usually drink water or some other non-calorie drink.  I try to keep the diet soda to a minimum, but if I am going to drink soda, it will be diet.  I don’t usually drink caloric beverages unless there is a specific reason for me to want to (like at Sonic…CHERRY LIMEADE!).  This is, of course, aside from the occasional adult beverage.

Usually at a restaurant, I won’t even look at the soft drink menu…I will just either order a water or a diet Coke/Pepsi.  But of course, ordering online, you have the whole list of beverages in front of you.  For some reason the blackberry iced tea struck my fancy that day.  Not even sure why because I really don’t consider myself to be an iced tea drinker.

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Oh my goodness!  So delicious!  After I finished it back in my office, I sat there wishing with everything in me that I could have a refill.  I think it helps that I pretty much love anything blackberry, but it really was the most perfect blend of blackberry and tea.  Yes, it is sweet, but not ridiculously so.  It’s just plain good.

So, my tip to my readers is…Go, have lunch at Chili’s, use their Chili’s To Go service if it suits you…yadda yadda yadda…  But if you haven’t already PLEASE do yourself a favor and give the blackberry iced tea a try!  I saw on the menu that they also have blackberry lemonade, but I cannot speak for that…yet.


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