La Casa de Sunshine: Parte Dos

The dining room is probably the room where we have put in the most work.  Since I first started dreaming about home ownership, I knew I wanted a green dining room.  The shade of green might have changed slightly over the years, but it was always green.  Why?  Not sure…  But that is what I wanted.

I also knew I wanted us to try our hand at installing some molding.  One of the houses we were very interested in buying had a chair rail in the dining room.  My parents also have a chair rail in their dining room.  I decided to try to go a step forward and do picture frame boxes under the chair rail in white.  Tadd wasn’t totally sure about it because it sounded complicated and intimidating, but we forged ahead and attempted molding.  Aside from being somewhat tedious, except for the crown molding!  That was awful.  I’m not sure we would attempt crown molding again without the help of a professional.

Foyer & dining room the night we closed on the house.

Starting to paint... Notice the new chandelier! Goodbye ugly brass grappling hook!

Chair rail done!

Blocking out where the picture frame boxes would go.

This is what the dining room looks like today!

Stuff still to do in here…New flooring (of course!), some kind of buffet for the longer wall, large scale art for over the buffet, and window treatment.  Other than that, this room is fairly complete!

When we first moved into our house, we were coming from a 1000 sqft 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment to an almost 3000 sqft 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom house.  We didn’t have the money for a whole new bedroom set for the guestroom, but my parents offered us my childhood set.  The problem was, it was very little-girlish…cream colored with oak wood and painted floral accents.  But they were good quality pieces and we had a lot of house to furnish, so we took them up on the offer and painted the entire set.  The bed, nightstand, and two dressers were painted white for the guestroom, and the desk was painted black for our loft.  Worked out great!

I thought I had more current pics of the guestroom, but apparently I don’t…and unfortunately it is where Keith is living now, so I can’t really go in there and take pics now.  It’s really kind of a mess right now (not happy about that).  I was going for a peaceful coastal feel with the room.  I have accessorized a lot more since the pic below was taken. On the low dresser now is what looks like green sea grass (faux) potted in a galvanized bucket, some seashell decorative balls stacked in a small basket, a silver framed mirror, and a lantern.  A white circular weathered-looking iron piece is on the wall over the tall dresser, and the window is dressed with panels made from simple white netting (very cloud-like).  There is a round placemat of woven dried seagrass under the lamp on the nightstand, and a tiny print of a seashell under the existing wall art above the bed.   Once Keith vacates our house, I will have to take more pics and show you the changes.

Ok, results show time for So You Think You Can Dance!  Time to go!  Hope you enjoy your Thursday evening.


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