Summer List!

I guess I am just a posting fool today!

I got inspired today when catching up on my favorite blogs.  I saw this summer list that Melissa over at 320 Sycamore created with her children as a way to get them excited about their summer vacation.  Cute, huh?

I thought maybe this isn’t just a good idea for kids, but also for adults too!  So I decided to make my own summer list.  Unfortunately mine will be on my blog and not on an adorable chalkboard in my living room.  I also plan on adding a “Summer List” tab above so that I am able to keep up with which items I have completed.  I would like to do this each season.  So without further ado…

Heather’s Summer List:

  • Finish the powder room.
  • Buy, plant, & decorate porch planters for either side of my front door.
  • See fireworks.
  • Go to Downtown Disney.
  • See Cars 2.
  • Grape stomp at Lakeridge Winery.
  • Clean up the flower beds in the front yard.
  • See a baseball game.
  • Make sangria.
  • Make strawberry shortcake.
  • Attend a food truck pod/gathering.
  • Go to a farmer’s market.
  • Pick fruit somewhere.

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