Ever-changing Entry Table

Well, we didn’t get as far as we intended on the bathroom.  We hung the mirror, towel ring, and some artwork above the toilet and bought a couple more odds and ends, and we started priming the cabinets, but that’s it.  Tadd tried to install the toilet paper holder, only to find that the 2nd set of holes landed on a stud.  Much cursing and frustration commenced at that moment, and he vowed not to do anything else with the powder room until he had a stud finder.  So he had to patch more holes, and let the spackle dry overnight for sanding and repainting.  Luckily next weekend is a long weekend, so hopefully this will be it, for realsies!

This is what the powder room vanity looks like at this very moment. Are you jealous??

So instead of talking about the sad state of my powder room, I am going to show you my entryway table.  You will find that I am somewhat of a holiday nerd.  I love decorating for all the different holidays, major and minor.  For most of the lesser holidays, I keep my decor to my entryway table.  It’s one of those little spots in the house where I try to change it up often and have a little fun with it.  Here it is right now decked out for the 4th with some of the items I picked up from Hobby Lobby:

And here it is decked out for some other holidays…

Halloween...Complete with candy ready for trick-or-treaters.

Thanksgiving! A bit sparse...Plan on adding to this one this year.

Valentine's Day!

Do you enjoy decorating for holidays?  Do you have a little spot like I do to showcase your seasonal items?  Do you have a favorite store to buy seasonal stuff (mine is most definitely Dollar Tree!)?


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