Weekend Update

Friday night was very much like the previous Friday night.  Very low key.  We had grilled brats with spicy mustard and pierogies for dinner, and  I mixed up a small pitcher of simple rum punch (light rum, orange juice, and a little grenadine) for Tadd and I to share, and we watched some TV and vegged a bit.  By 10:30 I was sleepy and went to bed (pathetic, huh?).

Kodak Moment: Tadd teaching Keith how to tie a tie.

Saturday morning, we started to work on the powder room a bit, but ran into the aforementioned snag, when Tadd accidentally tried to install the toilet paper holder over a stud.  Then we took Keith to a job interview in the early afternoon.  While he was busy with that, Tadd and I headed over to check out the lighting clearance at Lowes.  Unfortunately, the one light we liked (which was originally $80, marked down to $20!) was sold out.  Early bird gets the worm, indeed.  Luckily Tadd was able to pick up a stud finder while we were there, to prevent future problems with the powder room, so the trip wasn’t totally wasted.

As we were checking out, Keith texted Tadd to say his interview was done.  The place he interviewed for is a new place which doesn’t actually open for another month or so.  So unfortunately the current interviews are more of a screening process and he wouldn’t start actually working for awhile yet.  He thinks it went well, though, and they stated he would get a call back in 2 weeks for a 2nd interview.  Who knows if Keith will still be around then, but aside from that it sounds promising.  He has 2 more interviews this week with 2 other companies.  Because things seemed to go well for him, and he really made the effort to prepare for this interview, we decided to treat Keith to lunch at Tijuana Flats, where he promptly told us that the only Mexican (errr..Tex/Mex, really) food he had ever had was Taco Bell!  The kid continues to amaze me with the stuff he hasn’t heard of, tried, or experienced.  Tijuana Flats was a big hit with him.

We headed home to relax for awhile before Tadd and I left Keith behind to meet up with another couple down at Disney World on Saturday night.  Read about our lovely evening here if you haven’t already!

Sunday morning, we were on a mission to spend some quality time at our local IKEA store, which I am sure most of you know is always an epic event.  We started with breakfast, because you always need to fuel up before a jaunt through any IKEA, which can sometimes last several hours, because it literally goes on and on, seemingly without end.  Only $8 total for 2 large breakfasts (bacon, eggs, french toast sticks, and hash browns), a couple small pastries, and 3 coffees.  Bargain!

The only things I knew for sure I wanted to get here were my 2 $9 porch planters, which we did get.  But I also wanted to browse around for a couple of furniture pieces to buy sometime in the near future.  I want some kind of shelf/hutch type of piece for the living room, and I wanted to look at buffets for the dining room.  I already pretty much know which buffet I want, which matches my dining room set (I know, it’s bad to go too matchy, but I love this furniture line!):

LEKSVIK Sideboard, $225

And this is what we are looking at for the living room, but we would get glass doors to go over the shelves (for an extra $50).  Still not sure if we want to get it in white or black…

SMÅDAL Bookcase with drawer, white $99.00

AND…Now I find myself wanting to swap out our cheapie little entryway table/shelf with something prettier (and with more storage!) like this:

EDLAND Chest with 2 drawers, gray $199.00

Anyways, by the time we got to the art/decor/candles/garden/patio portion of our trek through IKEA, Tadd had just about had it with my slow, careful meandering and Keith was complaining that his feet hurt.  So I relented and we rushed through the last part of the store, grabbed the planters in the gardening section, and got in line to check out.

Once we finally got to the car, Tadd softened a bit and graciously suggested that we check out what looked like a fairly large Dollar Tree in a shopping plaza near IKEA.  I love Dollar Tree!  Especially the big ones…the location closest to my house is tiny, so I love any opportunity to check out other locations.  While we were there, I finally (FINALLY!) bought the supplies to make those $2 hurricane candle holders that were so popular in the DIY blog world last winter.  Once I get the right kind of adhesive for the project, I will show you exactly what I mean.  Super easy and very cute.  It’s like something straight out of Pottery Barn, but it will only cost you $2 to make with very little effort or skill.  So stay tuned for that!

After shopping, we came home and the boys started priming the vanity cabinets.  One coat of primer is as far as we got, but it’s a start!  We pretty much relaxed the rest of the day and enjoyed what little was left of the weekend.


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