Weekend Update! Fourth of July edition…

I am sorry to say that the weekend did not turn out like I had hoped.  We still had a great time, but as you will see, a very large monkey wrench (er, three tiny ones) were thrown our way.

Friday night we did our typical relaxation night.  Not much to report there.

Saturday we worked a bit on the cabinets.  We finished the last coat of primer and started on the first coat of black paint!  Getting closer, but unfortunately did not finish them this weekend.  They still need another coat (maybe two!).  I couldn’t convince Tadd to really do much at all this day, as he really had his heart set on relaxing.  I couldn’t blame him, so we did a lot of nothing!

Twistee Treat!

Early Saturday evening, I was suddenly struck with the desire to go out for ice cream and to swing by the grocery store to get the stuff to make sangria.  We went to Twistee Treat, which is a place I had been meaning to try ever since we moved to East Orlando (almost 2 years ago!).  It’s one of those nostalgic ice cream spots, where they only have outdoor seating and the whole little shop is encased in a giant fiberglass vanilla ice cream cone with a cherry on top!  Very cute.  I got a banana soft serve cone with chocolate sprinkles.  Unfortunately, when they called us over to the window to retrieve our order, they let me know that my cone had fallen when they were adding the sprinkles, so they dumped it into a cup.  I was kind of annoyed because I had wanted my ice cream in a cone, and I really thought that they should have just made me a new one, but really, it tastes the same either way, so I sucked it up and dealt with it.  Tadd got a cheesecake flavored milkshake.

Once back at home, we finished our ice creams and I started on the sangria, which you have probably already read about in this post.  We drank a few glasses of sangria that night, and watched some TV.  Very low key day.

By Sunday, I was starting to get stir crazy being at home with not much to do for a few days, so I told Tadd that I wanted to have lunch with him somewhere and run a few errands.  He agreed, so we had a delicious lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (love their buffalo chicken wrap!), and followed that with a trip to Home Depot.  We are Lowes people, generally speaking, but since I hadn’t found the perfect light fixture for the powder room yet, I wanted to at least see what they had at HD.  Unfortuantely we were only reminded yet again why we are Lowes people, and not HD people.  Selection sucked, prices were high, blech…  I also feel like the Lowes near us is about a million times more pleasant to walk around, better organized, etc.  Needless to say, we left without a light fixture, but did pick up a few random odds and ends that we needed.  Then, it was off to Target where we got, among other things, a trifle dish!  This is one of those things I have always wanted, but just never got around to getting.  I wanted to make a patriotic trifle for the 4th of July, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally get one.  They are so pretty!  I already told Tadd I want a 2nd one…maybe one with straight sides (the one I got is fluted, as you will see below).

Beautiful weather at Baldwin Park.

Sunday night we made plans to meet a few friends at the 4th of July event that evening in Downtown Baldwin Park.  We brought a blanket, and found a great place overlooking the lake, where the fireworks were to be launched.  The weather was actually pretty nice for Florida in July.  No rain, not too hot, and we were enjoying ourselves quite a bit.  At some point, Tadd needed to get cash and some beer, so he walked over to Publix with Keith.  This is where our evening took a strange turn.

In the Publix parking lot, they found 3 tiny kittens, about 3-4 weeks old.  They were mewing up a storm and very hungry.  Tadd and Keith stayed with them for a bit to see if there was a mommy cat around, but did not see any.  One of them was starting to run into traffic in the parking lot, so at that point, they decided to take action.  Tadd started calling shelters, which were of course all closed for the holiday and/or full to capacity.  The only thing he could think to do was to take them back to our car.  Once he had them at the car, he called me to meet them at the car so we could take the kittens home and figure out what to do with them.  So unfortunately, we had to cut our evening with friends short, before the fireworks.

We got the kittens home and into a large box lined with a towel in our spare/storage bedroom.  We had Keith watch over them while we went out in search of supplies.  Unfortunately, at 9:30pm on a Sunday, there wasn’t much choice aside from WalMart.  Luckily, they happened to have kitten bottles and kitten formula in the pet aisle, so we got some of that, plus some wet kitten food.  Tadd called his mom, who has some experience dealing with really young kittens, and she gave us some tips.  Meanwhile, we had posted about the kittens on Facebook and several friends were asking around about shelters to send them to or people who would take them in.  We did our best to feed them, although they were all a bit too freaked out to eat, and then we left them to sleep.  Tadd and Keith started taking turns feeding them every 4 hours at that point.  I feel terrible for them and I know they miss their mommy, but I am happy that they have been eating and sleeping since we took them in.

We think we have found a no kill shelter that will take them this coming Saturday, so we will have to take care of them all week.  Luckily Keith is still here, so he can keep up with their care while Tadd and I are at work.

Kitten stuff pretty much took up most of our Sunday night and Monday morning.  Late morning, I headed back to the grocery store to get the stuff to make my red white and blue trifle for our friend’s 4th of July party that night.  I took the easy way out and bought & baked a white boxed cake mix, and made some vanilla instant pudding (which I lightened up by folding in whipped topping).  Then I just layered cubes of the cake, with the vanilla pudding cream mixture, and strawberries and blueberries.  Easy stuff, but the results were very festive!

So Monday night, we left the kittens in Keith’s care, and headed over to our friend’s house for a cookout.  We had a great time eating, drinking beer, and shooting off (small) fireworks and sparklers!  His neighbors down the street were launching the big stuff, so that was entertaining too.

Woo! Bright!

I was happy to at least have somewhat of a proper 4th of July, since our plans to see the Baldwin Park fireworks Sunday night went awry.  Actually, all of Orlando seemed to be lit up last night with big fireworks.  Everywhere we turned in our friend’s neighborhood, and on our whole ride home from the party, we saw them all over the skyline.  Pretty cool.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


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