Tuesday’s Tip: International Delights Almond Joy coffee creamer

I wouldn’t say that I’m NOT a morning person.  If left to my own devices, I usually wake up fairly early on my own.  I have a difficult time sleeping in on the weekends.  That said, work mornings are no picnic for me either.  I do my fair share of draaaaaaaging for about the first hour or so of my work day.  However, one of the things I really look forward to when I get to work in the morning, is my cup of coffee.

The person in my office who is in charge of buying our coffee and coffee supplies tends to like diverse flavored coffee items.  During fall and winter and occasionally other times throughout the year, we often get seasonal flavored coffee blends, and sometimes it can be kind of fun to get to work to see what he has brewing.  I have tried everything from Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Blend, Santa’s White Christmas, to German Chocolate Cake (my favorite).  Unfortunately, the summer is when we are least likely to have seasonal flavored coffee.  This is when he often makes up for it by buying lots and LOTS of different flavored coffee creamers.

I actually wasn’t even a fan of coffee creamer until I started working here.  Used to be just a little sugar and I was good.  But it has become a little sunny spot in my day to pour my coffee, and then open the fridge to see my selection of creamers.  It’s always a big decision to pick just the right one for my mood.  And sometimes you never know what new flavors might be waiting for you to try.

Recently, I have found my new favorite: International Delight Almond Joy flavored coffee creamer!  This is the creamer with the most distinct flavor out of all the flavors I have tried.  It’s just the right blend of coconut, chocolate, and the faintest hint of…something else, which I can only guess must be the almond note.  Delicious!  The label says this is a limited edition flavor, but I hope it won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

Now I can’t say that having or not having this coffee creamer will make or break my day, but I do feel the slightest bit of warm fuzzies when I open the break room fridge and find a bottle of this stuff waiting for me and my cup of coffee.  I know it sounds silly, but sometimes it’s the simple things in life…


Disclaimer: Thoughts are my own.  I am not being paid to make the aforementioned 
statements.  Simply reviewing products and providing tips of items that I love, 
to share with my readers.

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