RED SOX! You are the only, only, only…

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I don’t think I touched on this yet in this blog, but I am originally from Boston.  Love the town, love to visit, and still have tons of family in the area.  And yes, I am a Red Sox fan.  HUGE fan.  My love of the Red Sox runs several generations deep. My grandparents went to Fenway Park during their dating days in the 1940s.  Their parents went to games too.  My dad has been a fan literally his whole life.  My husband, born and raised in Florida, had married into a big Boston sports family and has embraced it with gusto.  He is now just as big of a fan as I am (if not more).  Our future children will no doubt be fans as well.

I still remember my first Red Sox game.  I was 7 and it was at Fenway Park.  I remember being more excited to ride the subway than to actually go to the game.  Back in those days, any chance to go into Boston (we lived in the North Shore suburbs) was a big deal for me.  I was fascinated by the idea of the Big City; the hustle and bustle, the different styles of architecture, and the overall feel of being somewhere where lots of important stuff happened.  My whole life, I have felt a strong personal connection to “my city”.  And even though I remember very little about the actual game itself, what sticks out in my mind was holding my Dad’s hand while crossing Yawkey Way, looking up at Fenway, and sensing the importance and history of it all.  Even though I wasn’t into sports at the time, it still felt exciting and it still left a huge impression on me.

The whole crew from Red Sox Weekend 2010!

We moved to Florida when I was 9.  I didn’t become a true baseball fan until I was much older.  As much fun as I find the games, I think that for me it is also a way to channel my connection to Boston, and my pride for “my city” into something tangible.

Every baseball season, the Red Sox always have one weekend series with the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL.  Several years ago, we started a tradition of getting a group together and going over to the Tampa area for the Saturday game (and sometimes the Sunday game too) and making a weekend of it.  We have dubbed this Red Sox Weekend.  It’s really fun because Red Sox fans come from all over the state for these games.  You see Red Sox shirts and hats everywhere for that weekend, and there have been many times that Red Sox fans have outnumbered Rays fans at the games.   Such a good time!

So guess what this upcoming weekend is????  RED SOX WEEKEND 2011!  Tadd and I are leaving right after work and I am so excited!  We are meeting a bunch of friends over there too.  I can’t wait!


And don’t worry…Keith will be staying home to take care of the kitties.  That’s at least one perk of having him around!


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  1. Can’t wait! Can’t wait! It may not be Fenway Pahk, but it’ll be a blast. I’m so excited about joining Red Sox Weekend. I made sure to see Fenway when I was up in Boston a couple of weeks ag0, and thought of you and Tadd. I have my hat and I’m all set to go! Go Sox!

  2. Because cautious when stating your kids will be Sox fans (though I say the same thing) Bryon’s Dad is a Yankees fan but his sons saw the Sox play on WSBK Channel 38 (which they got in Upstate NY) so Bryon and his brother are Red Sox fans. Bryon’s Dad looks defeated when he said he failed as a father because his sons are Sox fans. Bryon’s brother lives in Buffalo which is Toronto Blue Jays territory and his son (Bryon’s nephew) cheers for the Blue Jays because they are on TV.

    However, we are only 3 hours from Boston so I think it is reasonable to plan a Sox game once a year when we have kids.

    As far Football goes, Bryon and I are not eye to eye. He is a Bills fan. I guess I’ll lay it out straight for the kids “Do you want to cheer for a team that wins, or cheer for a team that loses? If you want a team that wins, join Mommy and become a Patriots fan. If you want to cheer for a team that loses, join Daddy and cheer for the Bills.”

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