Jacoby…Still cute. Still tiny.

So we have had our new kitten Jacoby for a few weeks now.  Just wanted to give you the latest update on how he is doing.

As you can see, he is still cute.  Still tiny.  He is getting more and more playful, and more brave with the other two cats (who aren’t all that fond of him…yet).  Tadd and I are both quite smitten.  Hopefully I will have more pics to show you later, but since he is all black and never stops moving, he always ends up looking like a little flittering shadow in every photo!

He has graduated from the large cardboard box we had him and his siblings in previously, to having the full run of our spare bedroom, but he’s still way too little to have complete freedom in the house.  I think our 22-lb Russian blue kitty Logan would probably eat him as a snack if he got too close.  He still has some growing to do before he’s ready to join the general kitty population.


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