An Ode to Orange

As a follow up to my post last week honoring the color yellow, I decided to do the same for yet another misunderstood and under-appreciated color in Mr. Biv’s spectrum…


As I mentioned last week, I really consider myself to be a fan of all the colors, but it puzzles me as to why orange always seems to be (next to yellow) last on the list of favorite colors.  It’s so warm and vibrant and cheery, even a little bit exotic (think tropical flowers & fruits!).  It works so well with so many other colors too.

What would Halloween be without a big, beautiful orange pumpkin?  What would a sunset be without orange skies?  What would a fruit salad be without orange cantaloupes…and of course orange oranges! 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of things that are orange (images found via Pinterest):









What do you think?  Can orange be beautiful?


4 responses

  1. As an auburn-haired woman who’s been accused of wearing an innordinate amount of orange and red-orange, I concur. Love your photos!

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