A Summer Sunday: Brunch & Farmer’s Market

Tadd and I spent a lovely (but HOT!) morning this morning getting brunch at Bananas Diner and perusing the stalls at the Orlando Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola.

Brunch was nice…I admit, I am not really a breakfast food person.  My husband however LOVES breakfast, and is something of a connoisseur of eggs benedict (I think I discussed his eggs benedict ranking system in a prior post).  He declared the eggs benedict at Bananas to be solidly good but not good enough to unseat his top 3.  He said it gets bonus points because it’s available all the time, not just during breakfast hours.

My banana pancakes were pretty good, but eventually I got a little squicked out by the squishiness of the bananas embedded in the middle of the pancakes.  I’m one of those texture eaters, so if something weirds me out about the texture, it can ruin a meal for me.  I wouldn’t say the squishiness ruined the pancakes for me, but eventually I just didn’t really want any more.  I ate about half of my pancakes, and Tadd ate most of what was left.  He really liked them.  I have a feeling if you are a pancake fan, you would love them too…I’m just weird and a picky eater.

I think next time I will just order lunch foods while Tadd gets his breakfast fix.  Or maybe just get plain pancakes.  The price was good though…Our bill came to only $18 for our 2 breakfasts and 2 cups of coffee.

After brunch, it was off to Lake Eola.  We parked across the lake from where the Orlando Farmer’s Market is held, so we had a short, scenic walk through Lake Eola Park to get there.  I just wish it was a little cooler.  It wasn’t so bad in the shade, but boy was it humid!  And when we had to walk in full sun, I thought I might melt.

I think our favorite booth was the produce stand.  The beauty of the fruits and vegetables displayed on the booth tables are inspiring.  Makes me want to come home and make a huge salad. We ended up with several items, including a gorgeous carton of rainier cherries.

These carrots were HUGE.

We also stopped at a booth with different spice blends and picked up a Hawaiian spice rub.  And Tadd could not resist the organic bread stand…

We ended up with a loaf of garlic asiago bread.  Wow!  Sooo good.  Almost bought some pumpkin bread too, but we’ll save that for next time.

By the time we bought the bread, we were both sweating up a storm, so we decided to get a cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade and head back to the car.  We both definitely want to come back again soon, but we might wait until the weather is cooler.  It’s so hard to enjoy things that are truly enjoyable when you are sweating like crazy and just miserable due to the heat.


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  2. I’m a texture eater too. I can’t bring myself to eat cottage cheese or most yogurts. It’s why I usually don’t care for eggs (Bryon, like Tadd loves breakfast and eggs benedict) and the thought of oozing egg yoke make me sick.

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