Tuesday’s Tip: Threadless.com T-shirts

Who doesn’t love a good, clever novelty t-shirt?  Even if you are not fond of wearing them yourself, you can at least chuckle a bit when you see someone else wearing one.  And chances are, we are all probably close to at least one person who loves them (which makes them great for gifts!).

Enter Threadless.com, the website where you can order some of the funniest, most creative, and most clever t-shirts on the web.  One of the interesting things about Threadless, is that anyone can submit a design for them to use on their apparel. Users vote on which designs they would like to see printed, and the winning designers get paid for their submissions.   Click here for more info on submitting designs and how it works.

I have used the site in the past to buy shirts as gifts for my husband, brother, and friends, and they have all been much-loved.  Here are some of the ones I have purchased:

"Of The Dead" (for my zombie movie loving husband)

"MP(3)" (for my rockstar brother)

Some of the other ones I have bought are now out of print, but they included a shirt that showed an empty roll of toilet paper with the caption “WHAT WOULD MACGUYVER DO?”, and a shirt done in the style of an Ikea instruction manual showing how to put a viking ship together in pieces, with the word “Vikea” in the Ikea logo font, and a shirt showing Darth Vader pruning a topiary into the shape of the Death Star.  All goofy, but all very clever, cute, and funny.

Since I first became a customer of Threadless.com, they have branched out into hoodies, tote bags, and even baby onesies.  Check out this cute Baby Godzilla onesie currently on clearance for $10, perfect for your adorable “little monster”!:

"Baby Godzilla"

Fans of The Cure (like me!) will love this one which offers a literal word-for-word translation of the lyrics of Friday I’m In Love.  “I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too.  Thursday I don’t care about you, it’s Friday, I’m in love!…”

"Friday, I'm In Love!"

My husband has a thing for squirrels (not sure why, he just likes them…one Christmas I got him a squirrel calendar for his office and he was THRILLED).  How cute is this for fall/football season?:

"All-Conference Squirrel" FRONT

"All-Conference Squirrel" BACK

See what I mean?  Cute/clever/funny/whimsical…Great for gifts, and sometimes they even have sales where they have a ton of designs for $10 each!  I know some of the menfolk in my life will be getting stuff from this site over the holidays!  Maybe one of these days I will finally get one for me too.

Disclaimer: Thoughts are my own.  I am not being paid to make the aforementioned
statements.  Simply reviewing products and providing tips of items that I love,
to share with my readers.

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