A Football Family Feud

Last night was the UCF vs Boston College game at Brighthouse Stadium.  Me, Tadd, my brother Ryan, my parents, and grandparents met up with my parents’ neighbors to tailgate.  Everyone had their red bandannas in honor of Welles Crowther.

We had a great time socializing, eating, and drinking…  My dad manned the grill and did a great job!  Note his Boston College attire with the UCF backdrop.  He was definitely in the minority!


Everyone had a great time tailgating.

As the sun started to set, we headed into the stadium for the game.

Of course, since my dad bought the tickets, we sat on the visitor's side!

I wish I could say it was a close game (because I wanted SO badly for that to be the case!), but the UCF Knights steamrolled over the Boston College Eagles.  Final score: UCF 30, BC 3.  Sorry Dad!  Luckily he was still kind enough to give us a ride home!  Just kidding…Of course any other match up and my dad would happily be rooting for UCF.  I told him we should come back for another home game this season with the whole family rooting for UCF, and he thought that was a good idea.

It was just as weird as I imagined rooting against Boston College.  Crazy mixed feelings!  It really did suck some of the fun out of it for me.  Sports are always so much more fun when your feelings about the teams are more clearly defined (as in Red Sox vs. Yankees, or Red Sox vs Rays).  But it was still fun to have the family together for a fun sports event.

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  2. Nice blog entry… I like the way you balanced the story but relating to your younger years where you were expected to be a Boston College fan, through and through, but now you have allegiance with your own college, UCF which is just now emerging onto the national college football scene.

    It is good to have pride in your past, but your loyalties to your own school will sometimes overrule your previous traditions. You have new traditions that help describe who you are…

    Anyway, it is fun to see your accounts of things going on in your life. You always express yourself well.

    Go BC!

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