SYTYCD Live in Orlando!

Last night was So You Think You Can Dance Live at the Amway Center in downtown Orlando!  What a great show!

My girlfriend and I met up in Thornton Park with our significant others for a pre-show dinner at Dexter’s.  I had been to the Winter Park and Lake Mary locations before, but never the Thornton Park location.  It’s in such a cute area!  Parking is a bit of a challenge though.

Fountain adorning the intersection of Washington St and Hyer Ave.

I had a glass of Star Tree Nouveau Blanc, which was DEEE-licious.  I am going to have to track down a bottle of this for myself soon!  For dinner, I went light with a small Corsican salad with chicken.

It was good, but not super-exciting.  Pretty much just your standard greek salad with chicken.  And the salad dressing was a little thin/watery for my taste.  It was ok though, because I wasn’t really that hungry.  I was too excited about the show!  I definitely want to go back to Dexter’s again when I’m more focused on what I am eating.

Around 6:15, my girlfriend and I left the boys to deal with the check and headed over to the Amway Center!

We sat in the cheap seats, but for cheap seats they certainly weren’t bad.  We were in the balcony, but very front row & center, so we had a perfect aerial view of the whole stage.  Pretty far away from the stage, but still very enjoyable seats.  Being a very short person, it was nice being up above the crowd with no one blocking my view.

Unfortunately, my camera was somewhat malfunctioning for part of the performance, and the fact that we were so far away wasn’t helping my photographic abilities, so I only got a few post-worthy pics, and even those aren’t great.

Clarice's solo

Melanie & Tadd: "Show Me What You're Working With" (the one where he ends up in heart-covered boxer shorts)

Jordan's solo

Guys group contemporary dance.

Melanie & Jess...This is the "fall in love with the dance teacher" number, which I believe was performed by Tadd on the show, but Jess was in it here.

Sasha's solo

I also managed to get some decent video of the Circus group dance, which was one of my favorites from the show!  Just beautiful and enchanting!

I know these terrible pics don’t really convey it properly, but it was an excellent show!  This was the first day of the entire tour, so you could tell they were all really excited to perform.  It was a lot of stuff directly from the show, but the solos were new and some of the numbers were similar from the show, but done a bit different (or danced by different people).  If they come to your town, I highly recommend checking it out!


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  1. Looks like you had a great night. How was the sound, was it loud, or well balanced. I have not been to the new arena yet but I would expect good acoustic design was a goal. Your pictures are very good! Glad you had fun.

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