Instagram Link Party: Sleepy Jacoby

Another kitty-related Instagram post!  I know I talk about my cats too much, but I have no children, so for now my furkids are my kids.  And I thought it was about time I gave another update on our now 3 month old kitten Jacoby.

I can’t believe how big he has gotten!  He is about 3 times the size he once was back when I posted this picture:

He’s the most playful thing I have ever encountered.  Just about anything on this earth is a toy to him, and he wants to play about 23.5 hours per day.  The small portion of the day when he feels cuddly (as in the Instagram pic above), he purrs sooooo loudly you can hear it across the room.  He likes to terrorize the other cats, especially poor Stella, but I have also caught both Logan and Stella grooming him.  So I think despite the fact that they get annoyed with his rambunctiousness, it seems that they have accepted him as a member of the family.

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