Halloween-ified Vase!

Months ago, back when Hobby Lobby first put out their fall decor (which I think was June?), I was walking in the silk floral section when a display of fall-colored grasses and flowers caught my eye.  I saw these vibrant orange grass bunches with yellow & orange feathery-leafy things on the ends.  For some reason I HAD to buy one, so I did.

I decided it would look great for Halloween in a tall, skinny black vase.  So I set about looking for one.  I looked EVERYWHERE!  Nothing was quite the right shape or color or look.  Eventually I gave up.  When it came time to put out the fall/Halloween decor, I was forced to come up with SOMETHING to hold my pretty orange grassy-thing.  I asked Tadd to go to where we kept the vases (the cabinet above the stove) and just see what we had that could work in the meantime while I figured out what to do.

He came up with a cheap bud vase that was just the right size, but it was clear, so really not what I wanted.  But at least I was able to display my pretty Hobby Lobby find.  I eventually kind of pushed it to the back of the vignette on the top of my bar cabinet, behind a Dollar Tree raven and ceramic pumpkin to attempt to downplay the vase.

Then, I stumbled across this great idea from Better Homes and Gardens 100 Days of Holidays and it just clicked!

These are just four dollar store glass goblets, spray painted black!  I actually loved the clear stripe along the rim too.  So I immediately knew what I needed to do!

I taped up the top with some painters tape…

…turned it upside down, and went to town.  First with some primer, then with two coats of black.

Due to the various grooves and details on the vase (and my lack of patience), the line separating the black from the clear was not super clean.  But that wasn’t a big deal because I had something already in mind to fix that.

I just used some of that same spider web ribbon that I used on my Spoooooooky Dollar Tree tray project!  I didn’t even glue it in place yet (because I ran out of glue sticks!), just tied it tight around the vase, right where the transition point is between black and clear.  Worked really well!

Viola!  The finished product!  Cost to me: $0!  I already had the vase, spray paint, and ribbon!  And it works PERFECTLY with my orange grassy thing!

Sorry about the quality of pics in this post.  They were all taken by my phone, since my regular camera is being repaired.

Linking up to Shabby Creek Cottage‘s Transformation Thursday!


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