Bonaventure Cemetery…Morbid, yet beautiful.

This trip to Savannah we took last weekend was actually my second trip.  Tadd and I went for a quick, inexpensive getaway back in May 2007.  Being a self-professed history geek, I kinda fell in love with the city, and was super excited at the opportunity to go back.

One of the places on my wish list to get to see this time that Tadd and I missed back in 2007 was Bonaventure Cemetery, and we did make a stop on our way out of town on Sunday.  If you have read the book or watched the movie Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil, you may be at least slightly familiar with the cemetery, as it is featured in the story.  Touring a cemetery might seem morbid, but Bonaventure is truly a sight to behold.  Tons of marble, beautiful statues, ornate headstones, all under a chapel-like canopy of huge live oak trees draped in Spanish moss.  You can certainly see how the families all tried to outdo each other with more and more elaborate family plots.  It was slightly drizzly the morning we were there, which made it even more eerie and beautiful.

I was so absolutely taken with Bonaventure, I wanted to share some of the pictures I took.  I suppose if there were ever a month to post about an old cemetery, October would be it!

This one was my favorite. The angel statue was huge...about the same size as an average human.

"Gracie" is one of Bonaventure's more famous gravesites. Her statue was particularly eerie to me.

Gracie's story.

Spanish moss blowing in the breeze.

The cemetery is on a small bluff overlooking the Wilmington River.


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