Instagram Link Party: The Cranberry Bog

Time for another Instagram Link Party over at a {little} dash of ash!

Tadd and I met some friends at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival on Saturday.  It is one of our favorite annual events in Orlando and something we try to go to every year.

This year, one of the new additions to the festival is an actual cranberry bog, sponsored by Ocean Spray.  Throughout the day, they had someone in the bog raking the cranberries and answering questions about how they are harvested.

I’m sure most people have an idea of how it works, but if you don’t; the cranberries aren’t actually grown in water.  At harvest time, the fields are flooded and a special machine separates the berries from the plant.  The ripe berries will then float in the water, which makes gathering them easy.

The bog is a very cool addition to this year’s festival!  I always enjoy when they incorporate new and creative ideas and exhibits like this one.


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