Instagram Link Party: New Man

It’s Instagram Link Party Time over at a {little} dash of ash!

Wow, what an incredibly busy weekend I had!  I am still recovering.  We stayed completely busy from close of business Friday afternoon until a couple hours before bedtime last night!  But we had a great time.

Saturday night, we attended a show in St. Cloud, FL for my brother’s band, New Man.  They have a very unique sound…It’s experimental rock with a bit of a psychadelic streak.  I usually describe it as Smashing Pumpkins meets Pink Floyd, but honestly, they have their own very unique sound that is hard to describe unless you have heard it.

The band is actually comprised of several very good friends of ours.  My brother Ryan is lead guitar/vocals, Tadd’s best friend Rick is on rhythm guitar, and Manny, another longtime good friend of ours, is on drums.  Ryan’s buddy Justin plays bass.  Tadd and I often joke that they should rename themselves The Groomsmen, because 3 out of the 4 of them were in our wedding.  Actually, aside from Justin, they all met through me and Tadd!  We have attended almost every single show they have played, and we often tout ourselves as their biggest fans.

Saturday’s show was bittersweet, because it was Manny’s last show with the band before he moves to New York next month.  Now they have to start the process of finding a new drummer (Speaking of which…anyone know any drummers in the Orlando area looking for a band???).

New Man: (l to r) Ryan, Manny (in back), Justin, and Rick

To find out more about New Man, feel free to check out the following links:






They also have their songs available for download on iTunes and Amazon.


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