How to get lost for 2+ hours in a field of corn!

One fall tradition that we DO have here in Central Florida is the Long & Scott Farms annual corn maze up in Mount Dora (north of Orlando proper)!  It’s a 6-acre maze with a different theme each year.  Within the maze are word puzzles and other games that you have to search for and collect in order to ensure that you get through all sections of the maze.

This past Sunday, a group of us decided to take on the maze challenge.  We vowed that we would not stop until we visited all of the stations and completed all of the puzzles.  It took us over 2 hours, and we were hot and sunburned and exhausted when we exited the maze, but we were triumphant in our quest!

Now I have one more thing I can cross off my Autumn To-Do List!

Maze strategy session!

And here’s the whole group after we finished!

As these types of places often do, Long & Scott Farms had a little farm stand store, and I couldn’t help but start eying the pretty pumpkins and gourds!

Of course, we ended up buying a pumpkin on our way out…  Still haven’t decided exactly what I plan to do with it yet!


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