Project Sunshine House: Plans for 2012

There are a couple major items I hope to get done this year in our house that I wanted to share.  Whether we will get it all done remains to be seen, but you have to start out the year with a few goals, so these are mine.

In 2011, you will remember that our big project for the year was making over the powder room, which I would call a success.  We still need a light fixture (which is on the list for this year), but other than that, we got everything done that we wanted to accomplish and we are happy with how it turned out.

This year for Christmas, my parents gave me a lovely new sewing machine and lots of accessories for it…

So I intend to turn one of the unused rooms in our house into a sewing/crafting/girl-cave room!  That is what we intend to be our big project for the year.  And I am assuming it will probably happen in small bits all year long as well.  My first order of business is moving the desk from our loft into this room in hopes that it would make a good spot for the sewing machine.  I also want to put together some good storage and organization for my craft/decor/giftwrapping odds and ends, which will be a challenge since the room I am working with doesn’t have a closet.  I’d also love to have a little sofa or loveseat in the room or some other type of cozy seating.  And of course window treatments, maybe an area rug, and I will be painting the walls as soon as I can figure out what color I want.  My mom gave me a cute blue/green set of sewing organizers, so I was thinking about pulling the colors from that.  But I was also thinking of going more neutral, since I have so many other bright colors going on elsewhere in the house.

My other hope is that we can paint the foyer/stairwell/upstairs hallway.  This will be a big task, because of how our two story foyer is open to our upstairs hallway.  It will require lots of paint, and LOTS of work.  But the walls in this area (especially the stairwell!) have been all scuffed up and yucky-looking since the day we moved in, so I am dying to get them cleaned up and looking pretty.

And lowest on the project priority totem pole is giving our kitchen a makeover, which I already talked about briefly here.  I have a feeling this will be one project that will be saved for 2013 or beyond.  As I stated previously, we want to paint the cabinets, install cabinet hardware, wrap the island in beadboard, new countertops, and add a white subway tile backsplash.  We may be able to get a couple of those wishlist items started this year.  But I won’t hold my breath!

Do you have any house projects for 2012?


One response

  1. Brian and I hope to be able to take out all of the carpeting and put down new flooring, probably the same kind of vinyl flooring that we put down in the front bedroom. The flooring we put down in there cleans up very nicely with my steam pocket steam mop.

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