Happy birthday to my better half.

Perhaps you will indulge me a bit today to talk awhile about this handsome guy…

Today is the 31st birthday of my husband Tadd.  To celebrate, I thought I would share 5 things that you may or may not know about my better half.

1. He was born in West Palm Beach, FL.  Well, technically Boynton Beach (just outside of WPB), but close enough.  Yes, even though he is a huge Boston sports fan (especially Pats & Sox), he married into it and embraced it from that perspective.  Which of course makes my family adore him that much more.

2. He was a skateboarder in high school.  He also broke a lot of bones, and got lots of scrapes, bruises, and cuts during that time of his life.  Lots of trips to the ER!  He also has a ton of entertaining stories from that era of his life.  Like the time he and some friends played “manhunt” near the police station (which, to them, was a responsible and safe move), and yet they still got the cops called on them by some passerby who thought they were up to no good.  Hooligans!

3.  He is a very sensitive guy who loves kids and animals.  Isn’t there some saying somewhere that says a woman can learn a lot about a man by the way he treats babies, animals, and his mother?  Tadd is great on all three fronts.  Remember those kitties he rescued right around 4th of July?  And then it hurt his heart too much to part with all three, so we ended up keeping Terror Kitty (aka Jacoby).  Awww…he is a very sensitive guy who loves his kitties.

Ok, so not the best picture of Tadd, but look how much Logan & Stella adore him!

4. He has a very random sense of humor.  He is always making me laugh. I wish he used Twitter more, because when he did, he always tweeted stuff that had me giggling.

Note the userpic of him wearing a very stylish Boba Fett helmet.  I love that he doesn’t take life too seriously, because sometimes I can…and he is always there to remind me to look on the bright side.

5. He has a passion for video games.  Really.  A big passion.  He has a dedicated “man den” in our house specifically designed with a video game enthusiast in mind.  It includes a mini fridge, two TVs displayed side by side, and a collection of over 200 classic NES cartridges (NES = original 1980s Nintendo). Think I’m kidding?  Check this out:

This is the one room in the house that I don’t get ANY say in the design/decor (unless asked, of course), and I am fine with that.  I love that he has his own space, so that his gadgets and computer parts (he works in the IT field) and “man stuff” doesn’t leak into the rest of the house.  It definitely helps our marriage.

Also, I am a Skyrim widow.  And if you are too, you know exactly what I am talking about!  But it’s ok, because it makes him happy.

So happy birthday to my wonderful husband.  You’re not perfect (no one is!), but you are so perfect for me.  I love you!


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