Instagram Link Party: Trip to Tennessee

We are finally back from our impromptu trip to Tennessee.   We drove up Wednesday, spent half of the trip in Chattanooga where Tadd’s family member is hospitalized, and half of it at my in-laws’ place in Cookeville (which is about halfway between Nashville & Knoxville), and then drove home on Sunday.  It was great seeing family, although I wish it was for a happier reason.  I do believe we were able to be of some help and comfort to Tadd’s family, so in that sense, our trip was very successful.

I was able to snap many pics via Instagram during our trip, and have compiled them here to share.  Tennessee is a very interesting place.  Definitely a big change of scenery from Orlando.  Everything looks like winter up there!  Although while we were there, the temperature fluxuated between the upper 70s and the upper 20s.  Good thing we packed a wide variety of clothes!  And I just love the mountains…nothing like seeing cliffs and windy roads to remind you that you are somewhere far away from Central Florida.

Linking up with a {little} dash of ash’s weekly Instagram Link Party!

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