Sewing Project: Gathered-front clutch.

The past couple of days, I have been working on my most complicated sewing project yet.  Back in January, when I first started using my sewing machine, I stumbled across this pin on Pinterest:

The pin lead to an awesome tutorial from the Noodlehead sewing blog, and I was totally enamored by the finished product.  So cute, right?  I looked over all of the steps on the tutorial, and quickly got overwhelmed.  At the time, it looked SO complicated to me.  Especially the zipper part!  I figured I should probably start with simpler stuff, so I did.  I ended up starting with the throw pillows, then moved onto the tissue cases, then the coffee sleeves, and then the produce bag.  Each successive project was slightly more involved than the next.

After I whipped through the produce bag fairly easily, I decided it was time to revisit the gathered clutch tutorial.  I was a little scared to attempt the zipper, since I had read that sometimes even experienced sewers are intimidated by them.  But I just took it step by step; cutting the pieces and assembling each panel the first night, (including a divider pocket and credit card holders for the inside!)…

…And then attaching the zipper and assembling the panels together the second night.  I got to use my zipper presser foot for the first time!  So exciting.

The finished product is FAR from perfect.  As a matter of fact, I ended up with two holes on the bottom of the lining that I had to re-stitch together.  Although luckily with the lining pushed all the way down on the inside, you really can’t tell.  And the tabs next to the zipper ends are a little wonky.  But it’s usable and fairly cute.  I want to install a grommet and a small strap in one corner so I can turn it into a wristlet.

It’s hard to see really well on the inside (and my pics aren’t the best quality, I took them at night with my phone, so I apologize for that), but it holds two credit cards in the side card pockets, a cell phone in the divider pocket, and then keys, and some lip balm in the main compartment.  There is plenty of room for a few extra items as well.

I want to make another one because I know I could do better now that I know my way around this pattern a bit more.  But I must admit that it’s kind of cool to see my progression in just a couple of months.  I can tell my confidence in what I am doing is growing.  And it’s fun to make useful items that people like!

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