Old family photos.

I love old pictures; the older the better! I love the (literal!) snapshot of the styles, fashions, and mannerisms of the time. Even better if the old picture in question is one of my own family.

On Easter Sunday, my mom presented this photo to me. It is of her maternal grandmother’s family in 1925. The mother and father in the picture are my great great grandparents, and the young woman standing on the far right is my grandmother’s mother.

From what I know, they were not a very wealthy family, so this must have been a special treat to have a family portrait made. Obviously, it marked the occasion of one of my great-great aunts’ first communion. The dates written on the photo show the year each person in the photo was born (which is also repeated on the back, along with most of the names).

One of the things I love about this picture (and the names & dates written on the back) is that it actually fills in some gaps on my family tree. Being somewhat of a history buff, my own family history and genealogy has always held a great interest to me. However some branches of my family tree have more details filled out than others. That is one of the reasons I got so excited when my mom brought out this pic.

Are you into genealogy? Do you have any old family photos like this one that you cherish?


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