Singing with Country Bears and Battling Sea Witches!

This past weekend, we met up with friends for an afternoon/evening at the Magic Kingdom.  We had a couple objectives (because when you are a passholder and go as often as we do, a day at Disney World is always more fun when you have objectives and/or you get to try something new).

Objective number one, at the request of one of our friends, was to see the Country Bear Jamboree, a kitschy classic that I think is often overlooked in favor of some of the flashier attractions like Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion.  I think it had been years and years since most of our group had seen it, so we had a great time laughing at the goofy (no pun intended) and weird songs…”Blood on the Saddle”, anyone?

Objective number two was to try the new in-park role playing card game experience, Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!  This game debuted back in February, but this was the first real opportunity we had to give it a try.  The starting point for the game was at the old Fire Station on Main Street USA, where we found these posters encouraging people to give the game a try.

We approached a podium inside the Fire Station, had the attendant scan our park tickets, and were provided with a “key” card, five spell cards, and a special park map highlighting the areas of the park that the game could send us.  The cards are really fun; each one features a different character and a spell that corresponds to the attributes of that character.  I love that so many minor characters are featured.  These spell cards are used to battle the Disney villains, who are trying to take over the park via various “portals”.  These cards are yours to keep, and it’s absolutely free to play!  So even aside from the game itself, it’s like getting a free collectible souvenir.

You can see that each of the cards have different strengths and weaknesses.  Also, some cards are rarer than others.  The tiny star symbol in the lower left hand corner of Eve’s Laser Blast card, above where it says 05/70, denotes that this card is pretty rare.

The first portal for everyone is right in the Fire Station.  The attendant brought us over to it and showed us how we swipe our key card against the lock to activate the portal, which told us which area of the park to start in (Main Street, Fantasyland, Adventureland, or Liberty Square).  We were sent to Fantasyland to battle Ursula!

Once we got to our first real portal, we swiped our key card, and watched the brief video play on the portal.

You can see the oval-shaped portal in this shop window in Fantasyland below.

Sometimes the portal will just advance the storyline a little bit and send you to another portal to continue the game.  Sometimes something happens in the portal that requires you to battle a villain.  If it asks you to do battle, you simply hold up a spell card towards the portal, and the spell that you choose is cast on the villain.

We ended up doing two rounds of the game, and defeated Ursula from The Little Mermaid in Fantasyland and Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove in Adventureland.  And now we have all these fun cards we get to keep!

I always love when Disney adds these types of experiences into the theme parks.  It adds a new layer to our park adventures, allows us to try something new and different, and best of all, it’s free!


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