Adventures in The Villages

Below are pictures of our adventures in the Sumter Landing section of The Villages, which is one of the largest retirement communities in the world, and also where my grandparents live.  When I say retirement community, I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but everytime I go to visit I come away thinking how much I would love to someday be able to retire here.  First of all, it’s enormous.  There are endless neighborhoods with endless ammenities, including two different highly-themed downtown districts that include everything you could think of (banks, shops, cafes, chain restaurants, movie theaters, real estate offices, services, etc, etc).  Second (and this is the part I REALLY love), the entire community is almost entirely accessible by golf cart!  There are even special lanes, tunnels, and thruways built just for golf cart traffic.

These photos are from the newer of the two downtown districts, Lake Sumter Landing, which is themed to look like a seaside town somewhere on the East Coast, complete with a fake shipwreck.  The other downtown district, Spanish Springs, is themed like a town from the Wild West.  Some of the buildings even have elaborate fictional back stories and histories that have been made up to give the whole area lots of character.  It truly is like a Disney World for retired folks.  They are currently building a third downtown district called Brownwood, which will have a quaint farming community theme.

You will have to excuse the quality of the photos, as most of them were taken with my iPhone on a moving golf cart!

Starting our journey on the golfcart near my grandparents’ neighborhood.

My brother Ryan had his own cart behind us.

This is one of the tunnels built especially so that the golfcart traffic goes safely underneath the major roads instead of across them.

Entering Lake Sumter Landing.

We parked the golf carts near the lake and wandered over to the waterfront.

We didn’t see any gators.

The “shipwreck” on the lake.

Back in the golf cart, headed to the town square.

Harley Davidson store. Note the narrow grey sign at the top near the roofline. It says “C.F.C. River Freight Co.” This is what I mean about the back stories and theming…This building is fairly new, but it’s made to look like it was originally some kind of shipping company many years ago. Some of the buildings have little plaques noting their “histories”.

Their Panera is in such a cute building with a wrap-around porch/patio.

There is nightly entertainment in each of the town squares. See the chairs set up? There are also little bar stalls in the square, so you can get a beer or margarita to enjoy while you watch the show.

They even have their own radio station.

The most adorable movie theater, the “Old Mill Playhouse”. It’s even prettier on the inside…almost vaudeville-esque.

More cute shops, with lots of golf carts parked outside.

Maybe next time I will take you on a tour of the other downtown district, Spanish Springs.  It’s older than Sumter Landing, but still very cute and quaint with some really interesting features and architecture.


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  1. I have fallen in love with your blog Heather. You are awesome! John I like to hang out at Sumter landings on nice weather weekends. We may bump into you sometime.

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