Star Wars Weekends 2012

Tadd and I had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  But man was it busy!  Friday night we went to Oblivion Taproom for their Star Wars party.  Saturday we went to Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Sunday was a housewarming party.  Monday was a belated birthday dinner with my parents and brother, followed by a trip to another friends’ new house to cook dinner and hang out.

I thought I would share my Instagram snaps from Star Wars Weekends.  It was hot and very crowded, and we didn’t get to ride any rides, but we still had an awesome time.  The parade is always my favorite part every year.  We also bought souvenir nametags with our names engraved in Aurebesh.  We got to pick what planet we wanted to be from.  I, of course, picked Endor…home of the Ewoks!

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  1. wow Ray Park never used to do any appearances. From what I hear he was always too expensive and uncooperative, so it made him get shunned. Glad to see he has changed his ways. #teamdarthmaul

    • Ray Park has been a guest at SWW as long as I have been going. I have a pic of him in the parade in 2009 with his GI Joe t-shirt on (he was promoting that film at the time). I had never heard there was an issue. At least not in the past 3-4 years.

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