I always love when friends of mine decide to embark on a new blogging adventure.  And so of course, I try to give them a friendly plug on here whenever I can.

Introducing, a brand new blog started by a girl who I have known her entire life.  Literally. If you had to press my parents into revealing who their best friends are, I have very little doubt that their answer would be Melissa’s parents (and vice versa, I’m sure).  Her dad is my godfather, and our families have been very close friends since before both Melissa and I were born.  They are friends who are really almost like family.

Anyways, all personal connections aside, Melissa is so creative and talented!  She loves crafts, baking, yoga, nail polish, you name it!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with to share on her blog.  Please go check it out!


2 responses

  1. AND your mom is MY godmother! Just had to throw that in there too, as if you hadn’t already established that we’ve known each other a loooooooong time. :-P. Thanks so much for the plug, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what I come up with, too. Hehe.

    • Yes of course! We might as well have grown up as cousins…lol. I also love that our moms get misty-eyed everytime they have to say goodbye to each other. So sweet! Friendships like theirs are one in a million. 🙂

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