Birchbox Man – August 2012

As I mentioned a few days ago, Tadd recently signed up for Birchbox Man.  It’s a monthly subscription service, where for $20, you get a little box shipped to you full of all kinds of interesting products to try.  It’s a mix of gadgets, grooming samples, and various other interesting miscellaneous items.

His August box just came last night.  I thought I would share what he got.

He was quite pleased with this box, especially with the two Quirky gadgets they included.  He is always having issues with storing his earbuds, so he thinks the earbud cord keeper will come in handy.  So far, he likes the smell of the cologne, and is intrigued by the rest of the items, although he hasn’t officially tried any of them yet.

There is also a women’s version of Birchbox, which is $10/month.  It includes makeup, beauty, grooming, fragrance, and lifestyle product samples.  In order to join either subscription service, you have to provide your email address and get on a waiting list.  Tadd and I signed up for the list at the same time, but not surprisingly, Tadd got his invite for the men’s subscription much sooner than I got mine.  I’ll keep you posted on both subscriptions as new boxes arrive!


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