Nice to meet you!

I can sometimes be reserved and keep to myself (unless you get to know me well, because my close friends and family might say differently!), which is something I have been pondering lately and would like to change.  I admit to being a lurker on other people’s blogs, and I don’t comment or connect nearly as much as I feel I should.

Just in time, enter the Nice To Meet You blog party, co-hosted by According to L along with a few other bloggers.  It’s a chance for bloggers to link up and meet other bloggers!

So, if you clicked through during the party, or if you are new to this blog, or even just need a refresher, here’s a little bit about me!

My name is Heather and I am 31.  My husband Tadd (married 8 years) and I live in Central Florida.  No kids yet, but we have 3 cats; Logan, Stella, and Jacoby.  I just started to sew this past January, and I love it!  Wish I had more time to devote to it.  I also love to craft, travel, decorate my house (DIY-style, of course!), and even do a little cooking here and there.  I am originally from Boston and my husband and I are avid Red Sox fans.  Tadd and I take full advantage of being Central Floridians and are Walt Disney World annual passholders.  We go about once a month and I love to post about our times at WDW here in my blog.

Nice to meet you!  If you haven’t already, please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.  I would love to meet anyone who reads!  And I promise I will try to comment more often on the blogs I subscribe to.  No more lurking!


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  1. Nice to Meet you! I am also new to not lurking 😉 My mom and I have just jointly launched a sewing blog. We’ll be doing lots of kids related stuff since my fam has 2 toddlers, but we also have some home decor things lined up! I love to read-though I have less time for it than I did, and have to admit I’ve been neglecting it- my to read list is growing!

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