Braided Calzones

This is one of those great dinner ideas where you can use up leftovers in your fridge.  You can take shortcuts or make everything from scratch.  Either way, when I tell my husband that this is what we are having for dinner, he is psyched!

Start with a rectangle of pizza dough (homemade, pre-made, or even the canned stuff), and layer sauce (again, ANY red sauce that you like will be great) and toppings in the middle third of the dough.

I used some mushrooms, green pepper, some green onions, and black olives (only on my half though…as my husband thinks that olives are the work of the devil).  I pretty much just raided my pantry and fridge…almost everything was leftover from dishes made over the past few days.

Top your toppings with shredded cheese!  Again, I had some leftover shredded cheddar, so I used some of that along with some more traditional mozzerella.  My husband loves extra cheese, so he requested I lay it on pretty thick.

Then, using a knife or a pair of kitchen shears, cut both sides of your dough into strips almost up to where the toppings start.  Like so:

Now is the fun part!  Take the first strip on one side, and bring it diagonally across the fillings and press into the other side.

Take the first strip from the other side, and criss-cross it diagonally across to the opposite side.

Continue criss-crossing the strips of dough across the filling, alternating sides.  Very quickly, it will start looking really pretty, like a fancy braid.

Within moments, you will be done, and your calzone will look like this:

Isn’t it pretty?

Bake your calzone at 375F for 25 minutes.  When it’s done, it will be all bubbly and golden brown like this:

Allow it to cool a little bit.  Slice it into your desired portion sizes and enjoy!

What toppings would you put into your ideal calzone?

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