Favorite Things Link Party!

Melissa at 320 Sycamore is hosting a Favorite Things Link Party today!  What a great idea for a link party…We all have those little things that we have discovered recently that are worthy of sharing.  Here are a few of mine:

1. Kindle Fire HD

I had been hemming and hawing for awhile on getting a tablet.  My cheapie $300 laptop was starting to show its age, and I had decided about 6 months ago that instead of replacing it, I would keep it as long as possible and use it just for things like photo editing and blogging, but get myself a tablet for more daily use and for travel.  I went back and forth for awhile on iPad vs. Kindle Fire HD, and was anxious to see the price point on the iPad Mini, but as soon as the Mini was announced (starting at $329…way higher than I expected), I made up my mind.  A few weeks later, I had my brand new Kindle Fire HD and I couldn’t be happier.  More power to you iPad users, but there’s no way you can tell me that for twice the price, you get twice as much.  Kindle Fire HD blows iPad out of the water when it comes to value.  At least for me!

2. Amazon Prime

Piggy-backing on my previous mention of the Kindle Fire HD…I also elected to enroll in the Amazon Prime membership, which so far has saved me a ton on fast shipping for my holiday shopping (one of the perks is FREE 2 day shipping on most items they sell).  I also love all of the complimentary content (books, and streaming movies and TV shows) I can get on my Kindle!

3. White Barn Candle Company – French Baguette candle

I recently stopped in to a Bath & Body Works store to stock up on a few of their holiday items, when I came across this French Baguette candle.  Neither Tadd nor I can get over how realistic it smells!  Like real, true fresh-baked crusty french bread.  I couldn’t resist and bought myself a mini candle, and have burned it in my electric tart burner a ton the past few weeks.  We both adore it.  As a matter of fact, Tadd worked from home the other day and when I got home from work, he told me he had burned this scent all day.  It’s just incredible!  Even if you are not interested in buying it, at least give it a sniff next time you are in a Bath & Body Works store.  You will be amazed!

4. One Love Organics Aromatic Body Serum

I got a sample of this in my November Birchbox, and it has become one of my favorite items I use daily.  It’s a scented body oil, which is great for dry skin (especially this time of year!), and the chamomile scent is lovely and soothing.  It’s the perfect blend of floral and herbal.  I don’t like scents that are perfumey and overly floral, and this is none of those things.  I spritz a tiny bit on my wrists and neck in the morning in lieu of perfume, and keep it in my purse for use here and there throughout the day.  I sometimes get patches of dry skin, and this helps with that immensely.  And the sample size I received is perfect for the cosmetics bag in my purse.  It also comes in Lavender (which I would love to try!), Neroli, and Rose scents.

5. Walt Disney World FL Resident Seasonal Pass (and the monthly payment option)


Ok, so this item is only available to Florida Residents, but it is definitely one of my favorite things, so I am sharing!  It’s no secret that Tadd and I are fans of visiting Walt Disney World (which is about a 40 minute drive from our house).  We both have passes, as do many of our friends.  We try to go about once per month, and tend to go more often during the October thru December timeframe, when all of the fall and winter holiday events are going on.  A Florida Resident Seasonal Pass is currently $318.44, but Disney has an option that allows you to break up that cost into 12 months.  There is no additional fee for choosing this option.  All you do is pay a one-time down payment equal to a 1 day ticket ($94.79) and then pay $18.64/month over the next 12 months.  Keep in mind that the Seasonal Pass has blackout dates and does not cover the parking fee (as opposed to the Annual Pass, which is a little more money but has no blackout dates and free parking).  However, if you know someone with an Annual Pass, you can catch a ride with them into the parks.  And I honestly don’t think the blackout dates are all that bad.  Usually they are the last 2 weeks of December, the 2 weeks surrounding Easter, and mid June thru mid August.  They are all the times where either the crowd level or weather (usually both) will be too miserable anyways.  We have been passholders for years, and still find that they are a great value to us, and I love that it’s something we enjoy doing together.  And even after all these years of visiting the same parks, Disney still comes up with new stuff for us to see and ways to keep the parks interesting!


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  1. Love Bath and Body Works candles! I fell in love with their Fall Leaves scent, and I can’t wait until next year so I can stockpile them. It was the perfect amount of fall – cinnamon, leaves, general yumminess!

  2. Great list! I too traded in my laptop for a tablet and I’ve never looked back! :). My favorite BBW candle this time of year is Evergreen. Their candles are just so much better than any other!

    • So happy with my tablet! I haven’t gotten a chance to travel with it yet, but will be doing that soon. I love that I can so easily take it along to places I would never take a laptop! I bought an Evergreen candle too! My husband’s favorite! He is making me save it for Christmas Eve. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hey Melissa! Thanks for hosting a great party! That’s funny that your husband didn’t understand the appeal…lol. There is just something SO cool about a scented candle when they get it JUST right, and this is definitely one of those candles! Merry Christmas to you too!

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