Green Tree, White Tree

I realize I missed the 3rd Holiday Home Link Party on Tuesday.  I have no excuse, except that things have been crazy around here to say the least!  Work has been nuts.  My husband’s work has been nuts.  Then we get home with a million regular chores plus holiday chores (we finally got our Christmas cards mailed out yesterday!).  Add to that the fact that it’s dark both when I leave for work and when I get home, so taking nice pictures suitable for posting has been challenging to say the least.

I figured I could at least join in for the Christmas tree party today, since I already had a few pics of our trees to share.

Our main tree is this green one in our living room.  It’s filled with a hodge-podge of sentimental and fun ornaments.  At some point early in our marriage, I decided I wanted blue, green, and silver ornaments, so there are a lot of those mixed in with everything else.  Also, there are lots of snowmen.  I have a “thing” for snowmen ornaments.

This is also the cats’ favorite tree.  Logan, our 8 year old Russian Blue loves nothing better in life than to sleep or lounge under this tree.  Christmas is definitely his favorite time of year.  The other two kitties enjoy it too, but not as passionately as Logan.

Our white tree was something I bought for dirt cheap during one of those post-Christmas sales a couple years ago.  I wanted a tree just for me to design and make pretty for our front room.  This is in the dining room, near our front door.  We have a green/brown/white color scheme going on in our dining room, so I kind of wanted to keep this tree in that family, but with lots of red too.  I also love little bird ornaments, and Tadd has always loved squirrels, so I decided to go with a loose “woodland creatures” theme.  I chose ornaments that were rustic and natural, but also bright and festive.  I think one of my favorite items on this tree are those red birds (like the one in the lower right hand corner), which I found at the Dollar Tree.  Gotta love great dollar store finds!

Last year was my first year decorating the white tree, and it was quite a bit more sparse.  I went a little nuts since then buying ornaments for it, so I think I have enough now.

I must admit, I love looking at everyone’s tree pics.  Everyone’s trees are so different, yet so pretty!  Decorating the tree is definitely my favorite “Christmas chore”.

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