We (finally) have…a new car!

So my car accident ordeal is finally officially over!  We purchased our new car last Saturday.  It’s a brand new 2013 Honda Civic EX, and we love it.  Very fuel-efficient, lots of gadgets and fun features, and we have gotten a ton of compliments on the color.  We are extremely happy with our purchase.

Excuse the location in that pic…We were returning the rental car when I realized I hadn’t taken a pic yet!

I had really thought we would end up with the Elantra, but when we went back to the dealership the day we were ready to buy, they were $600 apart from the price we had wanted to pay (based on a listing that was on their website) and they just wouldn’t budge.  We told him that if they couldn’t meet our price, we had another car we were going to buy.  So they let us walk away…  The sales guy holding the door open for us as we left shook his head as we walked past and said “You’re going to walk away for $600?” and I wanted to say to him… “You’re LETTING us walk away for $600?”  Wasn’t going to feed into the bait & switch.  So we happily went with Honda and do not regret it one bit!

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